The extraordinary thing about our system: it combines modern qualification content with suitable teaching provisions.

Intuitive learning platform

Developed in collaboration with the Center for Lifelong Learning (C3L) at the University of Oldenburg, the learning content management system ECEDON contains all the elements of a modern online platform. The system has existed for a number of years and can be easily operated.

Please use the following login data:
Name: Teilnehmer Eins
Password: demoioeb

Here you can access the demo version of our platform ECEDON.

You are already registered in a measure and have access data, then log in directly to ECEDON here.

Tailor-made teaching materials

What makes our system special is how it directly connects course content leading to a qualification and the provisions available for lessons. When reading an excerpt on a specific area, such as “scarcity”, “globalisation” or “business operations” on the platform, the platform automatically displays relevant teaching materials, learning videos and exercises. A metasystem specially developed for this purpose ensures that appropriate “matches” are found in our database.

Demo version of the ECEDON learnig platform

Why not try it out for yourself: click here to check out the demo version of our ECEDON platform.

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